What Have You Done With Your Gifts?

I have to say that life recently has been full and wide. There’s been a lot of stress, some good, some bad and some I’ve manufactured for myself (damn that inner critic!) However, I’ve come to the realization that our lives are better when we have stress—the bad kind of stress is an opportunity for learning, the good stress pushes you to realize goals. The self manufactured kind is relieved when we speak kindly to ourselves then get busy and drown out that pesky inner critic.

During this time, I’ve come to appreciate those who use their gifts, i.e. talents, to inspire us. It’s not only those who do BIG things, it’s all of us who do things well, even the little things. Just like “The Lunch Ladies” in the video featured, we recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Hopefully we take the time to recognize it in ourselves.

So please join me as L’Inspired Living explores the theme “What Have You Done with Your Gifts?”


Welcome to March!

waterlilyblueWelcome to March — I wonder, will the 2015 version be a lion or a lamb?
As we slide out of February and into the third month of 2015, we segue from the theme “Beautiful Words” to “All Things Ink”.
I’m a big lover of all things ink—pens, paper, books, magazines, art, doodles, calligraphy—you name it. Little did I know when I first googled this topic that the top hits are about, YIKE, tattoos! Some truly beautiful tattoo art to be sure, and I’ll share some of that with you on the blog, among other things.

Wishing you a wonderful March filled with brilliant sunshine. Here’s hoping our northern friends emerge shortly from winter’s grip. For those of us in more temperate climes, enjoy those breezes and the cool evenings.

I hope you enjoy this month’s journey into the land of “All Things Ink”.  A big “Thanks” to everyone who visits, hope you’ll stick around!

Coming up in March at L’Inspired Living

Developing Your Creative Practice:
Part IV: The Value of “Me Time”

Featured Creative
As an artist, my medium of choice is–Ink (silly rabbit, of course it is!). This month, I’ll be featuring my artwork as well as posts about my process, my favorite tools and fellow ink artists I admire.

Food for Thought
Say it isn’t So! The End of Cursive.

The Friday Five
Join me every Friday when I run down inspiring links and t’ings dedicated to “All Things Ink”.

All this and more. Please join me!


P.S. I’m also participating in Blogging 101, an online course through WordPress. So in addition to the monthly theme posts, there will be assignment posts as well. Will be putting my creative hat on to mesh the two as much as possible!

Welcome to February!

Publication2 wlily logoAh, sweet February….sigh…..<3 I couldn’t think of a better theme for this month than “Beautiful Words”. Whether it’s a word, a phrase, a speech or a story, words have power. Some words stand tall on their own. String a few together and the resulting phrase can add colour and punch to our vernacular. String even more together and these words become a speech or a story that at its most basic level is a record of our history and culture, of time and place whose function is to inform, educate or entertain. Words have power far beyond informing, educating and entertaining. Words can convey a mood, feeling or emotion. They can evoke an image or spur us to action. Words can uplift, inspire, heal and encourage us; on the flipside, they can hurt and make us sad. Luckily we have the power to choose our words and we should do so carefully, not only when communicating with others but also when we engage in self-talk. If we can’t cheer ourselves on, who will? I’ve come to realize that I am merely fluent in my mother tongue of English; mastery eludes me. I’m on a quest to stretch my vocabulary and spice up speech with “lingua franca” and beautiful words. Won’t you join me? Cheers, L

A Matter of Balance

I recently read an article in Wired Magazine entitled “Fear & Liking on Facebook”. Author Mat Honan liked EVERYTHING he saw on Facebook for a period of 48 hours. Result—the algorithm in Facebook’s code responded by immediately presenting him with three or four related links. Soon he was overwhelmed with brand messaging and content feeds and little or no human contact. The choices he made then affected the experiences of his friends on Facebook who thought he had either been hacked or abducted by aliens. Suddenly, he had a lot of explaining to do. Suddenly he lived in an online place where there was nothing he liked.
This story struck a chord. We know we are in control of what news and stories we “feed” ourselves yet we often expose ourselves daily to a stream of news and information via print and online media that is mostly negative. And how does this input affect our output—how we respond or interact with the world?
That is why I started Inspired Living. I came to a place in my life where I needed to feed my spirit with positive news and stories about people living a creative and rewarding life. I shared it with others because I thought they might need similar influences.
Starting today, I’m encouraging you to embrace a life filled with creativity and make it part of your everyday. I hope L’Inspired Living will have a positive effect not only on your newsfeed, but on your psyche as well.



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Hello and Welcome to L’Inspired Living. I’m Linda (that’s where the “L’” comes from) and I hope you’ll join me.
L’Inspired Living had its start in 2013 as an email newsletter. At that time I came to a place in my life where I needed to feed my spirit with positive news and stories about people living a creative and rewarding life. I shared it with others because I thought they might need similar influences. I have enjoyed the process so much that I felt now was the time to move L’Inspired Living to a blog format.
On the blog, as in the newsletter, each month will have its own theme. January’s theme is “Art in Your Everyday”. I invite you to join me this month and every month to embrace a life filled with creativity and inspiration.