Featured Creative — Anja Hertle

Sunflowers in a Jug 16" x 20"

Sunflowers in a Jug 16″ x 20″

Earlier this year I attended The One of A Kind Show – Spring Edition in Toronto.  I’d like to share with you profiles of gifted artists whose work truly stood out for me as one of a kind.

The first artist is Anja Hertle, a mosaic artist from Grafton, Ontario.  What struck me about Anja’s work is the delight of the unexpected–each of her works incorporates not only tiles, but found gems such as buttons, dice, letters, bottle caps and other wonderfully recycled items.

Viewing Anja’s work from a distance and then again at close range provides fresh perspective and reveals additional discoveries.   Take a look at these photos of her work–I love all these bits of “unexpectedness”…the owl and bird on the building, the unconventional centers of the sunflowers, the unexpected elements in the fish.  Her work is truly “One of a Kind”.

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I asked Anja to share with us her inspiration and vision in her own words:

Over the last 16 years creating mosaics has become my passion. Playing with the color, pattern and texture of recycled china, pottery and tile as well as adding whimsical touches using found objects such as forks, type writer keys or bottle caps is so much fun!

I am always on the look out for supplies, at second hand stores or garage sales but also get a lot of donations. I use very low tech tools such as tile nippers to cut and build my own frames for the artwork. The design ideas are found all around me, nature in our beautiful garden, architectural elements from travels and kids at play in everyday life.

My work is for sale at several locations in Ontario, at Art and Craft Sales such as the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and the Cabbage Town Festival. I teach workshops in my studio as well as in the school system, and will travel. Check out my website for upcoming shows, galleries, workshops, current works for sale.

I also love that Anja shares her time and talents teaching workshops to adults and children.  Check out her website here.  You can also connect with her on Facebook and Pinterest.

Featured Creative — Glendine Aimes

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Glendine Aimes of Aimes Batik Studio is an accomplished batik artist and creator of wearable art. Her tropically inspired , brightly colored designs, land on cotton and silk fabric, capturing the ambience of the island of Barbados.

Trained in art at The Grantley Adams Memorial School and the Barbados Community College, Glendine started Aimes Batik Studio in 1991. Batik is a traditional craft which uses wax as the resist in combination with reactive dyes to create designs on white or lightly colored fabric. Glendine uses this technique to create sarongs, scarves, soft furnishings and wall hangings of many sizes.These bold and exceptional pieces are sold in shops around the island and at selected markets.

You may contact Glendine on Email at suzieloojt @ gmail.com or by phone at(246)4332226 or (246)8217046.  Visit her on Facebook at Aimes Batik Studio.

Featured Creative — Mara Art

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There’s no better way to communicate the message of Mara Art than in the artist’s own words:

“Mara Art is a celebration of life in the Caribbean.  My inspiration comes from the faces of the people, our homes, our culture, hills, markets, dances, festivals, the sun, the music and poetry of the islands. Using water-based screen printing inks on natural fibers, I capture the Caribbean experience on large surfaces with swift, wild, colorful brush strokes, mixing blending and combining the hot bright colors of our landscape.

Like the Expressionists and colorists who influenced me, color plays a central role in my art.  Artists such as Kandinsky, Klee, Matisse use colors to communicate, typically distorting their subjects and scale with their loose style and compositions. My favorite Bajan icon, the chattel house, lives on in almost every piece I do.  It’s not the chattel house or Caribbean life as we would see it through a camera lens but rather a spirited colorful distortion created purely for the emotional experience.”

Like what you see?  Connect with Mara Art at mara100 @ hotmail.com.

Featured Creative

Art ExpositionLast week I attended Providence School’s Art, Music and Literary Arts Exposition.  What a wonderful week long celebration of the Arts.  I decided to interrupt the monthly theme of “All Things Ink” to share some highlights of the Visual Arts Exhibition with you.

As you well know, I’m a big fan of all things creative.  And I’m a big proponent of including the arts in education.  Why?  Because the Arts help young people find their voice through the creation of images and objects, stories and poems, music and song.  This expression of self develops planning, problem solving as well as critical and creative thinking skills. The Arts teach persistence and commitment and foster a spirit of collaboration and team work. The Arts build self confidence. They provide some of the best learning possible, as those engaged in creative pursuits learn to do by doing.

Kudos to all the participants and to the wonderful teachers, staff, family and friends who supported the exposition.  I was floored by the quality and variety of work presented.  Please enjoy the slideshow of some of the pieces from the Visual Arts Exhibition that struck my fancy.

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Note:  All work copyright the respective artist.  Artists shown:  Leonardo Rojas, Cassia Fortier, Maltilde Jonoha, Isabella Martinez, Alexa Lohar, Alexis Williams, Yaa Marshall, Mia Holub, Ayden Cook-Johnson, Megan Coyle, Olivia Melnyk, Bailey Effinger, Olivia Flindt, Niamh Hickey, Mahlea Archer, Lauren Berridge and Grace Clausi.

Featured Creative – Sarah Venable

The Story Teller tells Her Story

????????Sarah Venable is a painter of portraits and landscapes—but instead of putting paint to canvas, Sarah puts pen to paper.

A citizen of the world, having called places as far-flung as Japan and Morocco home, Sarah enjoys learning about people, cultures and environments. Ever since she can remember, Sarah has crafted stories. She loves the malleable power of language. Her work can be found in high-end magazines including MACO, Living Barbados and Ins and Outs Magazine, to name a few. I’ve “followed” Sarah for years and it is in my opinion that her star shines brightest when she writes about people. Continue reading

Featured Creative – Helen Lehtinen

Multimedia artist Helen Lehtinen continually draws inspiration from Nature with her decorative cushions from her home accessories line.
Fish swim and flowers bloom on natural, washable fabrics. Art isn’t just for walls as Helen’s beautiful work proves.
Transform and update your rooms instantly with a grouping of these beautiful pieces and bring some art into your everyday.