Developing Your Creative Practice–Part V What to Do When You Get “Stuck”

Welcome to Part Five of Developing your Creative Practice. You can view previous articles in the series here.

You’re probably wondering, after looking at the title to this post, if there’s any sense to the order of the articles in this series? First there’s the article “Why Should I Care About Developing a Creative Practice?, and then Part II gives pointers on “How to Choose”. We are told to be gentle with ourselves and “Learn to Love the Word ‘Beginner’” and then encouraged in Part IV, “The Magic of ‘Me Time’”. Now, in this latest installment, we’re stuck? What’s up with that?

Getting stuck happens to the best of us. It may happen at any point in our creative practice, whether we’re just starting out or in the midst of creating great things. We need to find a way to move around and over these obstacles to creativity. Here’s what I do to get “unstuck”. Continue reading

Developing Your Creative Practice — Part III Learn to Love the Word “Beginner”

“Enjoy developing your talents. How silent the wood if no bird sang save those who sang best.”


I read a wonderful article some time ago that I wish I had kept. It spoke of how we wanted, needed, to be instant masters of our newest pursuit; that we believed perfection was the only goal and should be achieved almost instantaneously—if not, we considered ourselves failures. We dismissed any thought of being a beginner. How sad, the article went on to say, we were missing out. Continue reading