Great Reads — Resources for Creatives

The Artist’s Way & Walking in this World
by Julia Cameron

the Artist's WayI was originally drawn to these 2 books in a quest to unlock or unblock my creative self in terms of my visual art practice. Little did I know that “The Artist’s Way” & “Walking in this World” would slowly awaken a love of writing.
In these 2 volumes, Julia Cameron shares 3 essential, non-negotiable tools and a host of exercises for getting in touch with your creative self.

These 3 tools are

1. The Morning Pages;  2. The Weekly Artist’s Date and,  3. The Weekly Walk.

The exercises outlined in each book are completed over a 12 week period.

walking in this world“The Morning Pages” are 3 handwritten pages of writing whatever comes to mind first think upon wakening—every day. The Morning Pages are not your to do list but a mechanism to siphon off strong or negative feelings that often get in the way of our productive, creative selves. These pages are not to be reviewed, edited, re-read or even shared!

The Morning Pages resonated with me because it’s a lot like my style of writing. At first I throw everything at the page in an unedited, raw, seemingly disjointed way. Paragraphs, grammar and even complete sentences have no place here! The result is a stew of words that is for my eyes only. Carving out time for writing these 3 pages every day turned into journaling, recording ideas for creative projects and eventually short articles and stories. I believe that this daily practice is responsible for the execution of several art pieces and strongly influenced me to bring “L’Inspired Living” into the world.

So, if you want to take baby steps into writing and in the process uncover your authentic voice, or remove creative blocks in another artistic sphere, these two books are an excellent resource. Grab some paper and a pen and just write. Some of it will be great; some OK and a lot just might stink. It’s not for us to judge. As Julia Cameron states “accumulate pages, not judgements”.

Note:  This book review originally appeared in the November 2014 Edition of the L’Inspired Living Newsletter.