waterlilyblueHi! I’m Linda. I’m an artist, teacher and writer. I’m constantly on the lookout for positive and inspiring influences to nurture my creative side.  I thought you might be too.  That’s why I started L’Inspired Living*.

L’Inspired Living is a compilation of my favorite things–painting, inking, reading, writing, photography, cooking and general creativeness. It’s a rundown of  the best things I have discovered, found, watched, read, and tried–that are inspirational, funny and better for your health than the news that bombards us every day.

What you’ll find on Inspired Living:

Inspired Mondays – short and sweet, a quote or video to give your week a jumpstart;

The Friday Five – Join me every Friday when I run down creative links and t’ings;

Developing Your Creative Practice – You, yes you!  There’s a creative being inside of you just waiting to be let out.  Learn how to discover and nourish your creative side.

All this and more.  Please join me!

Cheers, L

*In case you were curious, the L’ in L’Inspired Living stands for Linda.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Linda, What a generous, creative theme for a blog! You’ll have such fun developing it, and getting feedback from people you inspire. Thanks for choosing to follow my blog – I’m glad you like our public art, and might take a walk if/when you visit Toronto. (Even better: go walkies wherever you are, and appreciate what you have, right at home.)


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