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Join me every Friday when I run down inspiring links and t’ings.  Our current theme is “What have you done with your Gifts?”

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July 2015 marks the 4th anniversary for The Art Programme at Cancer Support Services Barbados. Many of the participants have been with the group since its inception. As programme facilitator, I’d like to share some insights from the journey of those who were initially convinced that they didn’t have a creative bone in their body.  I hope the lessons we learned will urge you to begin your own creative journey.

Insight 1: Start Small
The class started simply, each student equipped with an artist’s pen and piece of paper. We doodled.

Over time, artwork blossomed from this,


to this,

group artwork

to this!


Insight 2: Keep moving forward
As time went on we developed skills and took on more artistic challenges. We learned how to make paper, prints on a geli plate and expressed ourselves using mixed media.

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Insight 3: Before we knew it…..
We embraced our creative side and discovered that we are all creative. It’s amazing what happens when you nurture your talent.

Insight 4: Just when we thought we couldn’t push ourselves any further, we stretched yet again.
In May we held our first Art Exhibition and learned how to make prints from our artwork. The press came to our opening, we made the papers and we were on the local newscast!

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And then, to put the icing on the cake prints of the students’ artwork were presented to speakers at Cancer Support Services’ annual conference.

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Insight 5: Art class isn’t just about the art
We also realized that the classes aren’t only about creating –we made new friends with which to share, learn and feel part of a community. We celebrate birthdays and support each other during the tough times. It has been a very worthwhile journey.

So for those of you who think you aren’t creative, or wish you had a vehicle for self expression, art is waiting for you. Come and discover your gifts.

To find out more about Cancer Support Services Barbados and the Art Programme visit their website here and connect with them on Facebook here.


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