What Have You Done With Your Gifts?

I have to say that life recently has been full and wide. There’s been a lot of stress, some good, some bad and some I’ve manufactured for myself (damn that inner critic!) However, I’ve come to the realization that our lives are better when we have stress—the bad kind of stress is an opportunity for learning, the good stress pushes you to realize goals. The self manufactured kind is relieved when we speak kindly to ourselves then get busy and drown out that pesky inner critic.

During this time, I’ve come to appreciate those who use their gifts, i.e. talents, to inspire us. It’s not only those who do BIG things, it’s all of us who do things well, even the little things. Just like “The Lunch Ladies” in the video featured, we recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Hopefully we take the time to recognize it in ourselves.

So please join me as L’Inspired Living explores the theme “What Have You Done with Your Gifts?”


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