The Friday Five — More Color Links and T’Ings

SONY DSC This month I feel that I’ve barely scratched the surface of the subject of color. So I’ve taken a bit of creative license and let April slip into May.  Please enjoy these wonderful links and a glimpse into how I will embrace my inner child.

In a previous post, I discussed a genetic condition known as tetrachomacy.  Here’s a couple of links to some other conditions with respect to seeing and responding to color:

An artist with synesthesia sees color everywhere–in math formulas, in music–you name it.  See how she interprets music with paint.  (via Visual News)

New hope for people with color blindness.  Valspar paints and Enchroma have partnered to create color blindness correcting glasses.  Enjoy a short write up and a link to the video by Renee Phillips of The Healing Power of Arts and Artists.

Groovy man!  Take a look at this revamp of a homeless shelter in India.  (via Creative Boom)

If it isn’t already obvious, I’m a big fan of the blog Visual News.  Have a look at the color infused pop up art of Bozka.

Embracing my inner child and managing stress at the same time.  I recently purchased a coloring book by Millie Marotta entitled “Animal Kingdom” (photo above).  The book is filled with amazing ink sketches of flora and fauna that is just waiting for my touch with colored pencils.  I can hardly wait!

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