The Friday Five — Great Color Resources

Publication4Here are five great ways to increase your knowledge and enjoyment of color.

1 & 2  Inspiration in Print:  My 2 Favorite Books on Color

I refer to these two books again and again.  Both artists excel at teaching and it is this talent that takes us beyond the language and theory of color to hands-on application and true understanding.

Color: A Course in Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors by Betty Edwards

????????Best known for “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” courses, books and workbooks, Edwards now uses her knowledge and skill as a teacher to develop our understanding of how to see, use & mix color.  This book provides a firm foundation for identifying, understanding and enjoying color.  Several hands-on exercises translate theory to practice.  The book is targeted primarily at painters; however, there is a great chapter on the meaning, symbolism and psychology of color that will appeal to anyone interested in the affect color has on our lives.

Confident Color – An Artist’s Guide to Harmony, Contrast and Unity by Nita Leland.

????????Nita Leland is an award winning artist, in-demand teacher and prolific author.  This book will appeal to painters, collage or fiber artists.  I like this book because it is filled with hands-on exercises and shows you how to develop your own personal color strategy, The book includes an impressive collection of artists from a variety of media that will inspire you.

3, 4 &5  Inspiration on the Web

Nature in Color is a Tumblr blog devoted to dissecting the color palettes of landscape photos using the Pantone range of colors. As an artist and a photographer, I love this blog. It teaches you to really see…a field of green grass may contain no less than 5 shades of green, a sunrise 10 shades of pink. It also shows us that in nature there are fabulous colour combinations that you would never think of, let alone wear!!!

The Adobe Color site is a great reference for color schemes and color matching.  Go to “Create from Image” to match colors from your own photos.  Even the “low techs” can manage Adobe Color CC!

Surround yourself with your favorite colors and put art in your everyday.  A post from the archives of L’Inspired Living.



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