Featured Creative — Mara Art

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There’s no better way to communicate the message of Mara Art than in the artist’s own words:

“Mara Art is a celebration of life in the Caribbean.  My inspiration comes from the faces of the people, our homes, our culture, hills, markets, dances, festivals, the sun, the music and poetry of the islands. Using water-based screen printing inks on natural fibers, I capture the Caribbean experience on large surfaces with swift, wild, colorful brush strokes, mixing blending and combining the hot bright colors of our landscape.

Like the Expressionists and colorists who influenced me, color plays a central role in my art.  Artists such as Kandinsky, Klee, Matisse use colors to communicate, typically distorting their subjects and scale with their loose style and compositions. My favorite Bajan icon, the chattel house, lives on in almost every piece I do.  It’s not the chattel house or Caribbean life as we would see it through a camera lens but rather a spirited colorful distortion created purely for the emotional experience.”

Like what you see?  Connect with Mara Art at mara100 @ hotmail.com.

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