The Friday Five — My Pen & Ink Must Haves

tff 3 27 headerThis week I’d like to give you a glimpse into my process by sharing with you a few of my must haves when creating in Pen and Ink.

various papers

1.  Good quality paper  I choose Bristol or Watercolor paper for inking, archival quality and a minimum weight of 90 lbs for bristol and 140 lbs for watercolor.


2. Ink  Because I want my work to be portable—sometimes I want to work outside or offsite—I use pre-filled pens. Ink is permanent, mainly acid free and archival.  Sometimes they’re Sharpies or Staedtler or Micron with various nib sizes for texture and shading.


3. Tools  For my current series featuring geometry and pattern, I enlist my trusty technical drawing compass, shape templates and stencils to draw repeated shapes. I’m currently experimenting with embellishing using small gems.  And then, of course, there is trusty old freehand.


4. Inspiration  My inspiration files include sailor valentine references, magazine clippings of textiles, jewellery, watches and maps as well as small pieces of jewellery.


5. Sketchbooks  Sometimes you just need to loosen up or sketch out a few ideas. I employ various sizes of sketch books and make sure that there’s always a small one with a pen in my handbag for those sudden “AHA” moments.

We all have our “must haves” when it comes to being creative. Tell me, what are yours?

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