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Art ExpositionLast week I attended Providence School’s Art, Music and Literary Arts Exposition.  What a wonderful week long celebration of the Arts.  I decided to interrupt the monthly theme of “All Things Ink” to share some highlights of the Visual Arts Exhibition with you.

As you well know, I’m a big fan of all things creative.  And I’m a big proponent of including the arts in education.  Why?  Because the Arts help young people find their voice through the creation of images and objects, stories and poems, music and song.  This expression of self develops planning, problem solving as well as critical and creative thinking skills. The Arts teach persistence and commitment and foster a spirit of collaboration and team work. The Arts build self confidence. They provide some of the best learning possible, as those engaged in creative pursuits learn to do by doing.

Kudos to all the participants and to the wonderful teachers, staff, family and friends who supported the exposition.  I was floored by the quality and variety of work presented.  Please enjoy the slideshow of some of the pieces from the Visual Arts Exhibition that struck my fancy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note:  All work copyright the respective artist.  Artists shown:  Leonardo Rojas, Cassia Fortier, Maltilde Jonoha, Isabella Martinez, Alexa Lohar, Alexis Williams, Yaa Marshall, Mia Holub, Ayden Cook-Johnson, Megan Coyle, Olivia Melnyk, Bailey Effinger, Olivia Flindt, Niamh Hickey, Mahlea Archer, Lauren Berridge and Grace Clausi.

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