Developing Your Creative Practice–Part V What to Do When You Get “Stuck”

Welcome to Part Five of Developing your Creative Practice. You can view previous articles in the series here.

You’re probably wondering, after looking at the title to this post, if there’s any sense to the order of the articles in this series? First there’s the article “Why Should I Care About Developing a Creative Practice?, and then Part II gives pointers on “How to Choose”. We are told to be gentle with ourselves and “Learn to Love the Word ‘Beginner’” and then encouraged in Part IV, “The Magic of ‘Me Time’”. Now, in this latest installment, we’re stuck? What’s up with that?

Getting stuck happens to the best of us. It may happen at any point in our creative practice, whether we’re just starting out or in the midst of creating great things. We need to find a way to move around and over these obstacles to creativity. Here’s what I do to get “unstuck”.

How I Get “Unstuck”

There it is—you’re stuck, blocked, lacking enthusiasm for your creative pursuit. That voice inside your head starts and you just want to curl up with your head under the covers. What’s a body to do?

For me, my best option is to get away from my studio and go for a walk. I am lucky enough to live near the sea and that’s where I head—to the South Coast Boardwalk. It’s a beautiful place with gorgeous views of sea and sand and there’s even some art—a gorgeous mural and, if I’m lucky, the cactus flowers are blooming. The salt air, a beautiful blue sky and the multicolored Caribbean Sea…aahhh……here, see for yourself!

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An hour or so of brisk walking changes my outlook completely. Before I know it, I’m generating new ideas and cheering on my current ones. I realize that I love what I do and that letting my real self shine through in my work will be enough. Refreshed and energized, the doubts have been “washed” away. I am thinking in terms of possibilities. I can go back to my studio and take action.

Tell me, in times of “stickiness”, how do you get unstuck?

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