The Friday Five — All Things Ink

Join me every Friday when I run down inspiring links and t’ings. March’s theme is “All Things Ink”.

Previous TFF’s can be seen here

This week I’m taking the opportunity to share a few of Pen & Ink pieces done by my own hand.  These are among my favorites!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6 thoughts on “The Friday Five — All Things Ink

  1. I love your drawings. They make me want to go back and take art classes, but then those little voices nag in my brain. The most destructive one was a first grade teacher during art projects. “You’re not doing it right,” she would nag.


    • Hi Karna:
      Thanks for your kind words about my work, I am so glad it has inspired you. My advice is to look for a class with a supportive environment and teacher to “dip your toe” back in the water. As far as I’m concerned, in art there are no mistakes.


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