Welcome to March!

waterlilyblueWelcome to March — I wonder, will the 2015 version be a lion or a lamb?
As we slide out of February and into the third month of 2015, we segue from the theme “Beautiful Words” to “All Things Ink”.
I’m a big lover of all things ink—pens, paper, books, magazines, art, doodles, calligraphy—you name it. Little did I know when I first googled this topic that the top hits are about, YIKE, tattoos! Some truly beautiful tattoo art to be sure, and I’ll share some of that with you on the blog, among other things.

Wishing you a wonderful March filled with brilliant sunshine. Here’s hoping our northern friends emerge shortly from winter’s grip. For those of us in more temperate climes, enjoy those breezes and the cool evenings.

I hope you enjoy this month’s journey into the land of “All Things Ink”.  A big “Thanks” to everyone who visits, hope you’ll stick around!

Coming up in March at L’Inspired Living

Developing Your Creative Practice:
Part IV: The Value of “Me Time”

Featured Creative
As an artist, my medium of choice is–Ink (silly rabbit, of course it is!). This month, I’ll be featuring my artwork as well as posts about my process, my favorite tools and fellow ink artists I admire.

Food for Thought
Say it isn’t So! The End of Cursive.

The Friday Five
Join me every Friday when I run down inspiring links and t’ings dedicated to “All Things Ink”.

All this and more. Please join me!


P.S. I’m also participating in Blogging 101, an online course through WordPress. So in addition to the monthly theme posts, there will be assignment posts as well. Will be putting my creative hat on to mesh the two as much as possible!

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