Hello Again!

Hello again! I’m Linda—that’s where the L’ in L’Inspired Living comes from. Welcome to the place where creativity is prized and celebrated. It’s time to share some background about me and my adventures in blogging.

From Need to Newsletter to Blog
L’Inspired Living began almost 2 years ago, in the form of a monthly email newsletter. The seeds of the newsletter were planted a few months before that, springing out of an urgent personal need to seek out positive, creative and inspiring influences.
I’ve always been creative and I knew how transformational and healing art and creativity had been in my own life. I took to the Internet to search out “good news” stories about creative people and things to set the tone of my day—leaving the heavy “news of the world” until later when I knew I could view and digest such items objectively. After realizing the benefits of a positive news feed on my own psyche, I others might benefit as well.
So with an artist’s eye, I curated content on the topic of creativity from the web and other sources, threw in my thoughts and musings and designed a monthly newsletter. Each month I chose a specific theme. I sent the newsletter via email to a select group of friends. With their support, I developed the confidence to seek out a larger audience and opened the blog in January 2015.

Curating Content on the Blog
I have kept the monthly theme format on the blog. For example, January was “Art in Your Everyday” month; for February the theme was “Beautiful Words” and March’s theme is “All Things Ink”. The monthly theme helps keep me focused on a subject area and within each month there are recurring posts including:
Inspired Mondays – an inspiring quote or short video;
The Friday Five – where I rundown inspiring links and t’ings that I think are just great;
Developing Your Creative Practice – a series of articles discussing the how, where, when, why of creativity;
Featured Creative – profiles of established and up-and-coming Creatives I have met or have found on the web;
Kitchen Creative – something for the Foodies
Topics will develop and change as the blog evolves and readers give feedback.

Making Connections
I’d love to connect with others who also believe in the healing and transformative nature of creativity. I also want to “meet” those individuals who don’t think they have a creative bone in their body and convince them that they are–we are all creative in our own way. I want L’Inspired Living to be a community where we celebrate creativity and cheer each other on.

Goals and Intentions for L’Inspired Living
This year on the blog I want to:
1. build a community and network of like-minded individuals and triple my readership;
2. create original content – 1-2 articles per week;
3. bring together my art practice, which includes teaching, and writing under the L’Inspired Living banner;
4. begin to offer workshops and tutorials in expressive writing and visual art online and in person.

I’m excited about learning how to be a consistent blogger and developing good and original content. I look forward to interacting and supporting fellow bloggers.

2 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. Linda you are truly a creative person with lots of wonderful ideas and inspiration. I think the blog is a great idea and I will check it out regularly to learn from you and to share my reflections. Living in the 21st century of rapid change can really squeeze out creative time. Maybe we need to book a space into our day for even 10- 20 minutes of creativity…even if it only space for the imagination to run wild in color! I wish you continued success with your blog and cant wait to read it. Mary Grogan


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