Featured Creative – Sarah Venable

The Story Teller tells Her Story

????????Sarah Venable is a painter of portraits and landscapes—but instead of putting paint to canvas, Sarah puts pen to paper.

A citizen of the world, having called places as far-flung as Japan and Morocco home, Sarah enjoys learning about people, cultures and environments. Ever since she can remember, Sarah has crafted stories. She loves the malleable power of language. Her work can be found in high-end magazines including MACO, Living Barbados and Ins and Outs Magazine, to name a few. I’ve “followed” Sarah for years and it is in my opinion that her star shines brightest when she writes about people. She told me that she “looks inside to find the individual’s spark and its origin, and then brings it into the light for others to see”. In the “Meet a Bajan” series for Ins and Outs magazine she relates tales of simple lives well lived that have been punctuated by struggle and triumph. These glimpses into the soul remind me of letters written to a younger self in which highlight life lessons, the importance of family and the every present message, “don’t worry, things will turn out alright”.

A lover of language, Sarah molds and shapes words with her unique sense of humor. Her one of a kind phrases, “Sara-isms” as I’ve come to call them, add signature wit and style. For example, in a story of a craftsman of rush bottom chairs she includes writes “chairs have supported me”*; in another, she describes Wayne “Poonka” Willock as a “carrier of cultural continuity”*. However my favorite signature Sarah phrase is found in her profile of “de Action man” Brian Talma: “As a child he struggled with dyslexia, but his parents blessed him with an outlook that was wider than any alphabet”*. How great is that?

As we spoke, I discovered that Sarah is an award-winning poet, a painter of portraits and landscapes. She shares her love of words as a creative writing instructor to children and young adults. As she continues to write her own life story, Sarah hopes that 2015 will be the year that she publishes a book for children.

View Sarah’s work here and here.

References:  Ins and Outs of Barbados Magazine, 2014 Edition

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