Welcome to February!

Publication2 wlily logoAh, sweet February….sigh…..<3 I couldn’t think of a better theme for this month than “Beautiful Words”. Whether it’s a word, a phrase, a speech or a story, words have power. Some words stand tall on their own. String a few together and the resulting phrase can add colour and punch to our vernacular. String even more together and these words become a speech or a story that at its most basic level is a record of our history and culture, of time and place whose function is to inform, educate or entertain. Words have power far beyond informing, educating and entertaining. Words can convey a mood, feeling or emotion. They can evoke an image or spur us to action. Words can uplift, inspire, heal and encourage us; on the flipside, they can hurt and make us sad. Luckily we have the power to choose our words and we should do so carefully, not only when communicating with others but also when we engage in self-talk. If we can’t cheer ourselves on, who will? I’ve come to realize that I am merely fluent in my mother tongue of English; mastery eludes me. I’m on a quest to stretch my vocabulary and spice up speech with “lingua franca” and beautiful words. Won’t you join me? Cheers, L

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