The Friday Five — Put Art in Your Everyday

Putting art and creativity in your everyday sometimes is as simple as seeing with “new eyes”. Here’s a few suggestions (and some of my favorites!):

1.  For the Bibliophile: Bookmarks


Irish Lace; Sunny Day


From my stash

Purchased or handmade, these mini works of art brighten and mark your progress through your favorite reads. As a person who often has three (or more) books on the go, I can never have enough of these.


2.  For the Collector:


Rooster Teapot

My weakness—Roosters! In pictures, as figurines, on plates– you name it, if there’s a rooster on it, I want it! This rooster teapot is my favorite. It takes pride of place in my kitchen, and makes me smile. Plus it’s a hit with everyone not only at tea time, but all the time.


3.  For the Foodie: Treat yourself to a funky apron.

Bajan Woman Apron

Bajan Woman

Part of my apron collection, this one was painted by my friend, the talented Maria Elias of Marartwear. Just add some tunes and your favorite tipple–cooking has never been so much fun!!



4. For the Nature Lover: Shells


Memories of the Beach

I’m a big lover of shells. They adorn my bookshelves and table tops. I’m particularly fond of these tiny shells. They bring back memories of walks on the beach.


5.  To Me from Me, with Love:  Fresh Flowers

Beautiful Blooms

Beautiful Blooms

An instant pick me up and splash of color, nothing says it quite like fresh flowers.  I love this particular arrangement in one of my favorite colors–red.  I put them in a prominent place in my home so that I constantly pass by them. Tall red flowers in a tall vase, a visual exclamation point that punctuates my days.  Treat yourself–trust me, you’re worth it!


I’d love to hear how you put art and creativity in your everyday. Start the conversation by sharing your favorites in the comments.


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